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Quantum Light Source Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots: A Review

Title: Quantum Light Source Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots: A Review

Author(s): Li, RS (Li, Rusong); Liu, FQ (Liu, Fengqi); Lu, QY (Lu, Quanyong)

Source: PHOTONICS Volume: 10  Issue: 6  Article Number: 639  DOI: 10.3390/photonics10060639  Published: JUN 2023 

Abstract: Quantum light sources that generate single photons and entangled photons have important applications in the fields of secure quantum communication and linear optical quantum computing. Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots, also known as "artificial atoms", have discrete energy-level structures due to electronic confinement in all three spatial dimensions. It has the advantages of high stability, high brightness, deterministic, and tunable emission wavelength, and is easy to integrate into an optical microcavity with a high-quality factor, which can realize a high-performance quantum light source. In this paper, we first introduce the generation principles, properties, and applications of single-photon sources in the field of quantum information and then present implementations and development of quantum light sources in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dot materials. Finally, we conclude with an outlook on the future development of semiconductor quantum dot quantum light sources.

Accession Number: WOS:001015736900001

eISSN: 2304-6732


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